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DCMH hospital care and professionalism

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To Delta County Memorial Hospital Employees:
I just want to convey to you, that you are all professionals with super personalities. Over the last year I have spent a lot of time with several of you during five different hospital stays and several tests. To all of you, whom were there to save my life last year, I can only say “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Your coordination of everything including the 26 units of blood that I was given, to surgeries, x-rays, blood tests, training, plus much more was all done with devotion, professionalism and expedience of my needs. That’s a quality that you don’t find very often. I thank the one whom prayed with me and my spouse; it meant so much to us through our traumatic times. We appreciate the ones whom laughed and cried with us. In getting to know some of you very well, I can only say I am more blessed than ever. That includes everyone from the case workers, doctors, nurses, respiratory, physical therapy, lab technicians, home health care nurses, to the individuals cleaning my rooms. I have tears in my eyes writing this from all of the kindness and love that was shown. Yes there were some of you that were extra special, whom just took the extra time to listen and show your compassion. I had to give up a life of traveling and meeting people, just to come home and meet some of the finest people in the world. Some of whom are our friends forever. Walk tall and be proud you have earned it.

Wes D.

DCMH ER, surgery and Radiology staff

5.0 rating

It is so refreshing to be able to write a letter celebrating the exceptional care given to me through the dates above as the need for an emergency gall bladder surgery arose. I spent three days, 24th, 27th, and 29th of December in the ER as tests were done, surgery accomplished, and a return for problems on the last of those two dates. I was treated so kindly, daringly and gently. I was also there on the 23rd for tests before the surgery, then on Christmas day for recovery from the surgery. In all, every bit of the care I was given was special from every discipline.
“Thank you” seems hardly adequate for all that was done for me and the considerations given my wife as well. Those were special days for all the staff to have celebrated with their families and yet there was only the kindest of treatment for me.
If I have missed anyone that gave me care during that time it is only because I might have been a bit “out of it” at times due to the pain and can’t remember exactly the events. Please pass this around for all who cared for me to see and especially to the administration for their perusal, they need to know how professional you all are.
I am feeling much better now, looking forward to a good 2014 year, and its my wish for each of you to be blessed and thanked many times through the coming year.

Rex S.

Thanks emergency department at DCMH!

5.0 rating

I am a First Responder on a ranch in Somerset – The Bear Ranch. We have been here (DCMH Emergency Department) on several occasions and had nothing but the best care. You (DCMH Emergency Department) have met our needs to the letter. This includes the owner down to the lowest cowboy.

Dick D.

DCMH intensive care unit

5.0 rating

I was filling out my Medical/Surgical Unit Survey and I noticed there wasn’t a space to compliment the staff and the care that I received in your facility recently. I have spent time in the other two main hospitals in the area and the care that was provided to me in your hospital was the best I have ever received. After my surgery, I spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit and all the staff that I came into contact with were superb, but I would especially like to thank two of your ICU nurses. Karalyn and Janel provided very professional care and did it with a sense of humor.
It appears to me that from the top of the organization on down you practice the 4 C’s………..Courteous, Cleanliness, Cheerfulness and Competence. I hope I don’t have need of your services, but if I do I know I will receive the best care in the area.

Phil S.

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