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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know the recommendations for cervical cancer screenings have changed? Many of you will remember when you were asked to go in every year for your "Pap smear". It became so routine that patients were often not sure when they were due for a Pap smear and when...

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What is Leukemia?

By Allan Miller, M.D. Leukemia, from Greek "leukos" & "haima," meaning "white blood." Leukemia is defined as a cancer of blood-forming organs. The main blood-forming organs in the body are the bone marrow, the lymph glands, and the spleen. You can think of the...

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Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancers

By Helen Goldberg, M.D. February is gallbladder and bile duct cancer awareness month. Green is the color that is used for public awareness. Gallbladder and bile duct cancers are rare, and together constitute only 2 to 3 percent of all cancers. Gallbladder cancers...

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Colon Cancer Prevention

By: Dorinda Rouch, M.D. After celebrating my 50th birthday this year, I soon found myself staring at the box of prep solution for my screening colonoscopy. What seemed like a good idea when suggested by my primary care provider now seemed like self-inflicted...

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Head and Neck Cancer

By: Helen Goldberg, MD Head and neck cancers usually begin in the cells that line the moist surfaces of the nose, mouth, and throat. This includes the tongue, sinuses, and larynx (voice box) to name a few. They can also be found in salivary glands. As there are a...

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