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Housekeeper (Evening) - Housekeeping
Position Summary:

Maintains a clean, dirt/dust free, germ/bacteria free environment for patients, visitors and staff, that is orderly and pleasing in appearance, with minimal supervision.

Position Responsibilities:

- Dusts, scrubs and wipes any and all areas of any room in the hospital including but not limited to ceilings, walls, vents, floors, fixtures, furnishings and equipment. Accomplishes this by use of all tools of the trade to include but not limited to vacuums, Roto Machines, applicators, mops, rags and brooms.
- Helps prepare floors for stripping and waxing, vacuums and shampoos carpets, cleans and disinfects toilets, sinks, showers and other fixtures and equipment as required. Moves furniture as required.
- Communicates well with visitors, patients and staff, both verbally and in written form.
- Works with various chemicals safely and according to Department Policies and Procedures.
- Handles trash and biohazardous waste and chemicals safely and according to Department Policies and Procedures.
- Is flexible in scheduling and may also work with laundry.

Required Education & Experience:

- Must be able to speak, read and write proficiently in order to understand and appropriately handle instructions and directions on labels on products used in department.
- High school Diploma or equivalent is preferred. Must have the ability to read, write and follow instructions
- Commercial cleaning experience in commercial buildings is preferred.


Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Evening
Ref Code: 2020015
Contact Information
Dom Lopez - Human Resources Assistant

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