March 2, 2011

Dear Paula,

I was filling out my Medical/Surgical Unit Survey and I noticed there wasn't a space to compliment the staff and the care that I received in your facility recently. I have spent time in the other two main hospitals in the area and the care that was provided to me in your hospital was the best I have ever received. After my surgery, I spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit and all the staff that I came into contact with were superb, but I would especially like to thank two of your ICU nurses. Karalyn and Janel provided very professional care and did it with a sense of humor.

It appears to me that from the top of the organization on down you practice the 4 C's………..Courteous, Cleanliness, Cheerfulness and Competence. I hope I don't have need of your services, but if I do I know I will receive the best care in the area.

Thank You,
Phil Stinnett