Letter Addressed to Jody Roeber, Chief Clinical Officer:

All too often we find ourselves highly critical of those that work in the field of medicine. It is with this in mind, that I wanted to send a note of thanks to Delta County Memorial Hospital.

My husband, Alvin English, had a bilateral knee replacement on December 6, 2016. The pre-surgical nursing staff was amazing! Once the surgery was performed, Alvin was sent up to the second floor (Med-Surg) for his three-day stay. Jessica, Corin, Linda, David and Lorin took such great care of him. They were first and foremost compassionate, caring, and totally professional at all times. They made the difference in an ordinary hospital stay, and one that we will never forget! I would be remiss if I didn't mention the PT (Physical Therapy) department. Both Minette and Melanie were phenomenal! They really cared!

There were many others that helped with his care that I would like to thank as well, (sorry I didn't catch all the names). To sum it all up, these ladies and (David) made the difference!

I will recommend Delta hospital and your wonderful staff to any and every one!

Thank you sincerely,

Sue (Leslie) English
Montrose, CO