I went to your ER around 8 PM March 2 with chest pains. I wish to thank the personnel there for their efficient service and excellent care. The Dr., nurses, lab techs., x-ray personnel were all very good. I appreciate their caring attitude and efficiency. I sorry I do not remember any names but Nurse Elizabeth. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to each of those on duty at that time.

I was transferred to the hospital around 10 PM. Dr. Call talked with me prior to me going to a room. The Nurse and Nurse's Aid who cared for me in in room 269 that night were excellent as was the lab tech.. The day shift, March 3 was equally as good. Dr. Call thought it best if I were transferred to St. Mary's cardiac unit. All of the arrangements were rapidly made and the Nurse even gave me the name of my nurse in St. Mary's. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to both the night and day shift that cared for me. this includes Dr. Call, Nurses, Nurses Assistants, Housekeeping and other support people. All made a scary time for me, very bearable.

Billy H. Hardman
Delta, CO