Hello, My name is Joanna Schreiner.

I am 44 years old and I had my first mammogram last month at your hospital in Delta. I had the new 3D one. The nurse was very nice and it went very well, not at all like I had heard about!

I am writing to you today because Dr. Bernstein found a very small speculated mass in my right breast, and he got me in the next day for a biopsy. It is malignant. I am seeing Dr. Chambers in Denver for this.

When she looked at the mammogram she was very surprised that it was even picked up. It was very hard to see and probably would not have been if not for the 3D mammo and Dr. Bernstein's trained and careful eye.

Please Please pass on my gratitude for his care. If he had not spotted it I would not have found this for another year or so, also since it was caught this year, my very hefty deductible has been met because of surgery I had a month ago and this will help us financially also. He is an amazing Dr. and cares a great deal for each and every patient, the staff told me this and this was my experience also. My husband and I are very grateful to your hospital, your kind staff and this particular dr.

Please pass on our gratitude to him!!!

Thank you again!!
Joanna & Paul Schreiner.
Feel free to contact us.