Tai Chi Class Thank Yous

I have been attending the Tai Chi class in Cedaredge at the Stolte Shed. I have found it to be most helpful with my balance and physical movement. I have fallen several times in the past and truly needed assistance in this area. The class is well done and I have not fallen since taking it. I hope that you will continue to offer the class because as a Senior it is a very helpful and necessary one. - M. Gay

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the (Tai-Chi) class in Cedaredge. It has improved my balance, flexibility and stamina. Hopefully another class can materialize as it is beneficial to us senior citizens. - Rueben Loose

I just finished a 12 week course of Tai Chi in Cedaredge. It was taught by Linda and Brook. It was suggested by my Dr. Clifford and Dr. Greenlee that I try to take a class of Tai Chi. They felt it could help me with my osteoporosis (6 compressed vertebras) filled with Kyphoplasty. Now the class has come to an end, I am writing to say I hope another class will follow soon. The teachers did send us home with a very good DVD that we can use to practice with. Thank you for making the class possible. Please repeat it for us again. - Linda Croft

I just want to let you know how much I appreciated the tai chi class led by Linda Bull and held in Cedaredge the past several weeks. It has been a good way for me to work on strength and balance which have been less than great for me since the struggle with osteoarthritis and joint replacements. If there is any way these classes could be continued in the future, I would certainly be interested in participating. Even though I started late, not finding out about the class until about halfway through its duration, I have seen some improvement in both strength and balance. I believe that continuing participation would be very beneficial to my health. Sincerely - Ann Phillipich

Mr. Cleckler:
I recently finished a "Tai Chi for Balance" class partly sponsored by DCMH. I am sending this to you because I'd like you and the physical therapy department to know what a great class it is, and how much I believe it helped all the people in it. I personally received a lot of benefit from it and am sorry it's over. Our teachers were so good, and put a lot of time and energy into the classes. I certainly hope DCMH will continue to sponsor this class for seniors in the future. Thank you. - Patricia Bellvill

Delta County Memorial Hospital Physical Therapists (PT) Linda Bull and Brooke Loucks offered a "Tai Chi - Moving for Better Balance" class for 12 weeks, as part of some exercise classes in Cedaredge as part of a community outreach initiative.