Notice of Privacy Incident Related to Health Fairs

Western Health Screening ("WHS") is an organization that offers comprehensive blood screening tests. It partners with community organizations, such as hospitals, to provide onsite blood screenings at Health Fairs throughout the Western slope of Colorado. Health Fairs in the past were sponsored by either Montrose Memorial Hospital; Gunnison Valley Health; or Delta County Memorial Hospital (the "Hospitals").

WHS recently learned that a vehicle owned by WHS in route to a Health Fair and passing through Salt Lake City, Utah, was stolen. There was a piece of computer equipment known as a "jump drive" belonging to WHS that was in the stolen vehicle. Upon learning of this theft, WHS immediately investigated and determined that the jump drive, which was password protected, but unencrypted, contained participants' personal information. WHS learned of the theft on February 7, 2017, but determined that the jump drive was unencrypted on February 15, 2017.

When WHS learned of the theft, it immediately reported the theft to the Salt Lake City Police Department. The jump drive has not been recovered and the police continue to investigate. WHS also conducted its own internal investigation.

WHS determined that the jump drive contained demographic information that had been collected by WHS for health fair participants from the years 2008-2012, including health fair participants' names, addresses, phone numbers and in some instances Social Security numbers. WHS also determined that the jump drive can only be accessed via a unique password. The jump drive did not contain any medical information such as blood test results, nor did it contain any financial information such as credit card numbers or other source of payment information. To date, WHS has no evidence that any participants' information was accessed by unauthorized persons or that any participants' personal information has been misused.

WHS and the Hospitals, including Delta County Memorial Hospital, are deeply committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of Health Fair participants' information and regrets that this incident occurred. As a result of this incident, WHS has re-educated its employees with respect to safeguarding sensitive information and has taken steps to enhance its existing procedures related to storing and securing information on mobile devices.

WHS began mailing letters to affected participants on April 14, 2017 and has provided a toll free number to answer any questions. If you participated in any Health Fairs sponsored by the Hospitals, including Delta County Memorial Hospital, and believe you may be affected and have not received a letter by April 28, 2017, or have additional questions, you can call WHS's toll free number at (800) 410-3225 or send an email message to