Patient Portal Launched July 1st at Delta County Memorial Hospital

A patient and consumer health portal that saves patients time and offers the convenience of accessing their health information from Delta County Memorial Hospital 24-7 is now available. The new patient portal went "live" on July 1st for hospital patients and their family members and may be found through the hospital website at Patients will need to have a valid email address on file at the hospital in order to access the patient portal.

Patients will be able to:

1. View, download or transmit a Health Summary

2. See some lab results and radiology reports

3. View allergies and conditions

4. Review active home medications

5. Reference visit history, including discharge instructions

6. Access billing information

Health Summary

Patients and authorized family members may access a Health Summary from the Portal, or transmit the Health Summary which serves as a Continuity of Care Document (CCD). Patients may safely transmit an encrypted summary to a specific physician by entering a Provider Direct Address. Similarly, secure download is supported by requiring a patient-generated password to access the downloaded file.

Access/Update Important Health Information

The Portal simplifies access to timely health information by making it accessible to patients and their families from one central location. The Portal allows users to: * See allergies, conditions

* Review active home medications

* View some lab results and radiology results from imaging studies

* Review discharge instructions from previous visits

* Update personal data, including contacts and demographic information

The Portal protects access to this sensitive information through a number of security measures, including URL rewriting, encryption and customer-defined timeouts.

Access a Single Portal

The Patient and Consumer Health Portal allow patients and their families to see data from both acute and ambulatory visits to the Hospital. Patients can review visit details and update information. Users also benefit from access to preventative care information and immunizations.

View Billing Information

From the Portal's Billing tab, patients and family members can see details for both current and past accounts, which include date of service, total balance and patient responsibility for each account.

Reap the Benefits of Integration

Seamless and system-wide exchange of information ensures patients have timely access to their health information. Healthcare staff also benefit from improved communication and engagement with patients and their families. Integrated features include:

Updates to demographic or contact information made in the Profile area of the Portal's Health Information Management.

Integration with the Revenue Cycle allows patients to see billing information, decreasing the need for paper copies of billing documentation.

Patients have access to visit histories, discharge instructions, and a Patient Health Summary, ensuring them access to important health information and follow up materials after leaving the healthcare facility.

Safety of Email Addresses/Patient Information

Email accounts gathered by Delta County Memorial Hospital are only for use of the Patient Portal. DCMH does not sell or distribute email addresses and will not use email addresses for any other purpose. Patient information is protected through the use of a personal user ID and password system as well as other layers of security to ensure privacy and data integrity.

Questions About the Patient Portal?

1. Where Does My Health Information Come From? Your health information comes from the hospital's electronic health record. It is the most up to date and accurate information that the hospital has for you.

2. How do I log on? In order to log on, you just go to and look for the Patient Portal link on the home page. Enter you user name and password.

3. May My Family Members Have Access? You can provide permission through a consent form to family members so that they may access

your health records.

4. Technical Problems? Contact us through the homepage of the Patient Portal. Submit any questions you have about the Patient Portal and we will respond.

Steps to Enroll

1. Go to

2. Click on the Patient Portal link on the home page

3. Fill out the Patient Profile

4. Access your e-mail for your one-time user name, password and link to the Patient Profile Portal

5. Then click on the link to access the Patient Portal

6. Enter your one-time user name, password and security question and then click Log On

7. Enter your new user name, and password.

8. Now you are free to explore the Patient Portal!

The Patient Portal Representative at Delta County Memorial Hospital is: Lynda Vincent, Patient Advocate, who can be reached at or (970) 874-6436.