Delta Hospital Installs New MRI

May 17, 2013
Delta County Memorial Hospital is investing $1.2 million in a new General Electric Optima MR450W MRI which was installed with a crane into a newly remodeled Radiology department room earlier today (May 14th). The MRI is much newer technology than the previous model and will produce the highest quality of images, especially with the use of the dedicated coils that will come with the new system. We will also be able to scan areas where we weren't able to before with the old system, stated Jeff Richmond, Manager of Radiology at DCMH. It is also the newest MRI on the Western Slope.

This new MRI is a wide bore, which is shorter and wider so that patients who have issues with going into a "tunnel" for an imaging study may feel somewhat less claustrophobic. The wide bore of the MRI also accommodates larger patients up to 450 pounds. There is motion suppressing software on the new MRI to adjust to patient motion during imaging studies, said Richmond.

The multi channel system of this new MRI technology, versus the single channel technology of the older MRI, increases image quality and requires shorter scan times, stated Dr. Steven Bernstein, lead radiologist for DCMH. The multi-channel scanner comes with specialty coils for the head, neck, spine, knee, shoulder, wrist, body and breast. There is improved image quality for smaller body parts and extremities such as wrists, ankles, and knees.

The remodeled MRI scan room at DCMH has large windows with more natural lighting to help patients feel more comfortable when an MRI imaging study is requested by their physician, commented Richmond.

The New GE MRI at Delta County Memorial Hospital Radiology Department officially "goes live" on June 3, 2013. For a week following June 3, 2013, test imaging studies will be completed.

Delta County Memorial Hospital is investing in the future with this new MRI technology to remain the hospital of choice for Delta County families. We are combining 21st Century Technology with our high quality medical care by professional clinical staff."

A physician referral is needed in order for patients to get an MRI imaging study.

For additional information please call the Radiology department at 970-874-2214.

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For Additional Information Contact: Patti Kalahar, Manager of Education/Marketing at Delta County Memorial Hospital (970) 874-2291,