CIIS Patients Right to Opt Out

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS)
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Section III - Privacy: Patients Right to Opt Out

All persons have the statutory right to exclude their information from CIIS at any time. Per the Immunization Registry Act, an individual or a parent or legal guardian, who consents to the immunization of an infant, child or student (pursuant to CRS S 25-4-9, CRS S 25-4-17 or CRS S 25-4-24) may exclude immunization information from CIIS. Physicians, licensed health care practitioners, clinics, hospitals or local health departments shall inform the individual, parent or legal guardian of the option to exclude such information from CIIS and the potential benefits of inclusion.

Participating sites (DCMH) that have signed a Letter of Agreement with CIIS agree to provide notice to individuals, parents, or guardians as required by CRS S 25-4-2403(7) stating that the individual, parent or guardian can choose to have their (or their child's) immunization information excluded from CIIS at any time.
Procedures for excluding immunization information from CIIS ore rescinding previously submitted Opt-Out Form can be found at, under the "Policies and Procedures" tab.

A Question and Answer sheet is linked in both English and Spanish.

Question and Answer Sheet - English & Spanish

An Opt-Out Form is linked in both English and Spanish.

Opt-Out Form - English & Spanish