Message from the CEO

Delta Hospital Has Come A Long Way in Adapting to a Rapidly Changing and Challenging Healthcare Environment

2018 This year marks my 10th year with Delta County Memorial Hospital and my 6th year in the role of CEO. It is remarkable to look back over the past decade and see how far our hospital has come in a rapidly changing and challenging healthcare environment. The hospital has grown to be a system that is focused on improving access, quality of care and treating the whole person. We have improved our access to primary care services while adding additional access points and therapies to provide a well-rounded healthcare experience close to home.
We have started this year with a comprehensive strategic plan that involves all employees in leading our hospital on the journey from good to great. The plan is focused on continued quality improvement, long-term financial viability, continued strengthening of our hospital culture and areas that we need to stabilize, develop and grow.

The hospital will continue to work on providing improved access to behavioral health services and addressing the Opioid prescription drug crisis. We will also be attentive to what our patients and community want from their healthcare provider. We are quickly moving towards a consumer-driven environment and the hospital is responding with greater transparency, convenience and customer care. This also includes not only our continued emphasis on being here for times of illness or traumatic injuries, but also improving overall health and wellness. We will continue to build on our complementary and low-cost classes and educational events to help our residents live healthier and happier lives.

I am proud of the team we have assembled to provide high-quality care and the recent awards over the past several years have validated my beliefs. In 2016 and 2017 we were picked as a Top 100 rural hospital and I recently received notification that we made the list again in 2018 making us one of the few hospitals to be selected three years in a row. We lowered our post-operative surgical infection rate to 0.17%, which is well below the national average. We recently received an "A" grade for safety and quality by a nationally recognized company. I credit these successes to the great staff and their dedication to our vision and community they serve.

The awards and recognition are valuable, but I also believe it is time to move our hospital system from being a consistently good provider to an exceptional one. We have the right team assembled and a strategic plan to guide our way over the coming years. Delta County Memorial Hospital will continue to be a voice nationally for rural healthcare by strengthening our dedication and focus on providing quality care to the people we serve. I appreciate the ongoing support we have received throughout Delta County and thank you for trusting us with your healthcare.

- Jason Cleckler, CEO