Message from the CEO

Delta Hospital Has Come A Long Way in Adapting to a Rapidly Changing and Challenging Healthcare Environment

2019 This past month marked my 11th year of service to Delta County Memorial Hospital and this great community that we are privileged to call home. The hospital, and healthcare in general, have changed a significant amount over that time period, but our mission remains the same. We are here to provide high quality healthcare to the people we serve. This simple but valuable mantra continues to guide my decisions and focus for the hospital and will become even more important as your hospital system progresses towards a new and changing delivery system.

While we see more changes in our future, we continue to stay focused on a progressive approach that emphasizes being proactive versus reactive. Our priority will continue to be on creating access to services, improving quality and recruiting staff that are engaged in our mission and community. Over the coming months and years, we will also focus on transparency, lowering the cost of care, wellness and prevention, care navigation, mental and behavioral therapy, integrated therapies and more. Our measure of success will be the overall health and wellness of our community, which we take great pride in providing and appreciate the communities trust in our organization.

I am optimistic about the future of your healthcare system that is always evolving, adapting and leading in rural healthcare. It will be important to continue our collaborative efforts with our regional partners to improve outcomes and services for the entire Western Slope. We will also build on our role as an anchor institute in the community to provide assistance with economic and community development while also being a strong advocate for rural healthcare at the State and national level.

Over the past several years, the hospital has become a voice for rural healthcare and hospitals. We plan to remain at the forefront of political issues to drive positive change that leads to improved healthcare and better outcomes. With our focus on being forward thinking, we will not simply adapt to changes but we will drive the change by being engaged in innovation, legislative changes and by listening to and responding to the needs of our community. We will work with our community leaders and legislatures to address the Opioid crisis, need for increased mental health service, payment reform, cost controls and price transparency while making sure that the unique needs of the rural communities are served well.

We will engage in these endeavors because we understand our role and responsibility to the community we serve. We are honored to be your healthcare system and appreciate the trust you put in our team to provide quality healthcare to you and your families. We are more than a hospital and realize that we must constantly strive towards providing consistent high quality care. I appreciate your support as we navigate as a team through the journey of improving and strengthening our community.

- Jason Cleckler, CEO