Cancer Support

Addressing medical and quality-of-life issues for cancer survivors and their families has been a long-standing focus of Delta County Memorial Hospital. An exciting new tool to accomplish this is the Grand Mesa Oncology iTHRIVE Plan, an online web application that creates a personalized wellness plan for cancer survivors. The iTHRIVE Plan is now available to Grand Mesa Oncology patients free of charge to help them heal from treatment, reduce risk of recurrence and achieve optimal wellness. In short, to go from survivor to thriver!

To get started, call 874-6429 to set up an appointment with Danielle Gallegos or call 399-2846 to set up an appointment with Linda Jacobson. You will learn more about the program and receive an access code.

Once you have your iTHRIVE Plan access code, SIGN IN HERE to begin your cancer survivorship plan. If you are not a patient of Grand Mesa Oncology but are interested in accessing iThrive Plan, visit for information about individual accounts.

After completing a survey that takes about ten minutes, answers are instantaneously funneled through a proprietary mathematical formula that pulls forward recommended Action Steps in five key lifestyle areas:

Diet = The primary emphasis is a Mediterranean style whole foods, plant-based, unprocessed diet.
Movement = This includes exercise strategies, as well as tips on how to reduce inactivity in general.
Environment = The focus here is to reduce toxins in your internal and external environments.
Rejuvenation = Here you will find stress management strategies and ways to restore vitality.
Spirit = This encompasses ways to experience a value-based life that includes service, laughter, connection, and love.

Each Action Step is broken up into five daily tasks so that you can build your health in small-but significant-steps. Action Steps are like pieces of your wellness puzzle. While the Action Steps may not obviously relate to each other, over time, as you complete more of them, your health picture will become clear.

The iTHRIVE Plan is dynamic, fun and engaging. And you are in control. You decide which Action Steps you'd like to focus on and you can complete them at your own pace. The program evolves with you so that you can always be working on something new.

If you want to take back your health, maintain your existing healthy habits, or build new ones, iTHRIVE is for you!