DCMH Urgent Care Exemplary Provider Award

The DCMH Urgent Care received Exemplary Provider Accreditation as a Rural Health Clinic through The Compliance Team. The Exemplary Provider Award is granted when a clinic receives 90% on a comprehensive on-site evaluation that reveals evidence of on-going compliance with program standards that establish Safety, Honesty, Caring as core patient relationship goals.​

The Accreditation is good for three years, at which point an evaluation will be required to maintain Exemplary Provider status. As of October 2017, DCMH Urgent Care is a certified rural health clinic, accredited as an exemplary provider. DCMH Urgent Care is effective in treating non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries and for times when a primary care physician isn't available. There is no appointment necessary, all insurances are accepted and patients are served on a first come basis.