Dear Jason,
Thank you for the Tai Chi program. (the extra chairs are really welcome - much easier to use) I feel it's an enormous gift to the county. Linda not only gives us the opportunity for strengthening and balance but also additional great information such as safety suggestions, info from the hospital's pharmacists, ways to redo health and financial records and etc - things we don't think about and need to.
Linda is a gem and we are so lucky to have her and this program. We are hoping that is will be available again in the fall. We are also lucky to have
Savannah, Peggy and Mike. I especially appreciate Mike's extra help since I just turned 81 yesterday.

Thanks, too, for your fine leadership of the hospital. Recently I saw Dr. Funk and mentioned that you provide the Tai Chi. He said the thought that DCMH was the most outstanding "business" in Delta County. We are lucky. I feel safe and well called for here.

Karen Krill