Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery

DCMH Surgical Infection Rate Substantially Lower Than The National Surgical Infection Rate

In 2017, the Surgery Department maintained below industry standards for surgical site infection rates at 0.15 percent.

In comparison, the national surgical infection rate at many hospitals is estimated at 2.5% and the range nationally is from 3-5%. So what does that mean? This low infection rate translates into even higher levels of safe, quality, patient care for patients that have surgery at Delta County Memorial Hospital.

Total of four digitally integrated, high-definition (4K) Operating Suites
A dedicated Obstetrics Operating suite
Two endoscopy suites for colonoscopies and EGDs

Preoperative Clinic - patients come to surgical area the week before surgery; all lab and EKG's are done; patients meet with an RN for teaching and a CRNA for anesthetic plan of care


Laura McCrackin, MD, Board-Certified
Kyle Nickel, MD, Board Certified
Patrick Brighton, MD, Board-Certified
David B. Cox, MD,

Types of Operations/Procedures Performed
Gall Bladder
Small Bowel & Large Bowel Restrooms
Hernias - all types
Breast Cancer and Disease - including Breast Care/Cancer/Biopsy Evaluation of High Risk; Needle-Guided Biopsies, Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, MRI guided breast studies.
Breast Cancer Surgery with Immediate Breast Reconstruction
Longterm access for I.V. Chemotherapy (mediports)
Lumps & Bumps - Small Mass Removal
Anti-Reflux Operations - laparoscopic procedures for Hiatal Hernias
Acute care for surgical emergencies such as appendicitis, bowel obstructions, cholecystitis and bowel perforations

Cosmetic Surgeron

Gregory Urban, MD

Types of Cosmetic Surgeries
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
Mini abdominoplasty
Brachioplasty (cosmetic surgery for upper arm excess tissue)
Breast augmentation (implants)
Brow Lift
Face and neck lift

Orthopedic Surgeons

Douglas Huene, MD, Board-Certified
John Knutson, MD, Board-Certified

Types of Orthopedic Operations -(local physical therapy available from DCMH)
Total knee(s) and partial knee replacement
Total Shoulder Replacements
Knee Arthroscopy
Total hip replacement
Shoulder - rotator cuff repair
Hands (trigger finger, carpal tunnel, arthritis of thumb)
Bunions, hammer toes
Repair of Fractures
Tendon Repairs

OB-GYN Surgeons

Henry Lewis III, MD, Board-Certified
Brian J. Eades, MD, Board-Certified

Types of OB-GYN Operations
Minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomies
Laparoscopic - diagnostic for endometriosis, ovarian cysts, other conditions
Obstetrics - delivering babies, including vaginal and C-section births
Surgeries for Endometriosis

Urology Surgeons

Caleb Stepan, M.D.

Types of Urological Operations
Kidney stone removal, (including extracorporeal shock wave and laser)
Bladder Surgery
Prostate Surgery

Lung and Respiratory Procedures

Marcella Abuid, MD, Board Certified
Sara Knutson, MD, Board Certified
Bronchoscopies - lung tissue biopsies

Ophthalmology (Eye) Surgeons

Dane Stewart, M.D.
Nicolas Neubaum, MD
Bennett J Oberg, MD
Shad Saunders, MD
Kevin Chismire, MD

Types of Eye Operations
Medical Eyelid Operations
Shunts for Glaucoma

Back Pain - Epidural injections

Radiologists (Interventional Radiologists)
Steven Bernstein, Lead Radiologist
Charles Fowler

Michael Benziger, MD
Nicholas Radovich, MD