Delta County Memorial Hospital Clinics Implement A new Electronic Medical Records Program

2016 "Athena is a software program which has the top rating score for an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program that fits with the size of the nine DCMH clinics," stated Jan McCracken, Clinics Director for Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH).

"The clinics began training and setting up for this conversion November of 2015. There have been countless hours dedicated to make this transition as smooth as possible. Athena representatives have been an outstanding partner during this implementation," McCracken commented.

Patients will notice that a reminder call program has been implemented that will confirm appointments (please listen to the options before hanging up on the call). A clinics' patient portal has also been implemented that will provide timely health information. This clinics' patient portal is easily accessible and patient questions which may arise may be answered by contacting the clinic that you are working with.

The new streamlined Athena experience helps the clinics to work more efficiently. Physicians see a patient's entire history at a glance. New documentation features help the provider go through the visit without taking time away from direct patient care.

Improved billing statements will also make it easier for patients to understand their responsibility, make quick payments, or pay at the time of service.

Delta County Memorial Hospital Clinics strive to make preventative health care our priority and continue to explore avenues to make it a positive experience for our patients, said Clinics Director McCracken.