Please view our machine readable file to show our pricing and information from our charge master for our Hospital Facility billing. You will find the Hospital system charge number, the department that would charge for the test or service, the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and/or HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System), the description of the test or service, and the billed price.

The pricing for Pharmacy Drugs and Biologicals can be found in another file to view the Hospital Facility billing pricing.

The DRG pricing is still available to view.

Please contact our Facility Billing Office at 970-874-7681 or our Financial Counselor at 970-874-2226 if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: Prices subject to change.
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Disclaimer Pharmacy Pricing Transparency

DCMH has published our charge master in compliance with CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule effective January 1, 2019. Most hospitals use a charge master as a starting point for negotiations between health insurance and the hospital to determine hospital reimbursement rates. Unfortunately due to a complicated billing and reimbursement system for health care, the charge master is not effective for use in determining what patient's out-of-pocket expenses will actually be.

Contractual prices are the difference between the charges the hospital submits to insurance and the reimbursement rates to the hospital as determined by contracts between insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid for healthcare services. As a result, we strongly recommend contacting your insurance provider to get a better estimation of your specific out-of-pocket costs considering your deductible and co-pay information. Inpatient and outpatient services differ as well as their reimbursement rates.

Pharmaceutical and Biological pricing is an estimation based on continuously changing current market prices. Pharmaceutical care is dose and disease state specific and drug therapy is very patient specific. Prices are highly variable due to drug shortages and changes in average wholesale price. Drug prices have historically been increasing. These prices do not guarantee the availability or insurance coverage for a particular medication. Prices do not include professional fees, cost to mix and administer drugs which make comparison shopping dramatically different from retail pharmacy.

Hospital care is particularly challenging due to legal requirements to treat all patient regardless of their ability to pay sometimes resulting in uncompensated care. These prices do not necessarily include reimbursement for overhead cost, clinical education costs for healthcare providers, and regulatory compliance.

The pricing for Pharmacy Drugs and Biologicals can be viewed via this link.

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